North Texas Soft Wash

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do we have to be home during estimate/cleaning?

A: No, we are a company built around integrity. We treat your property like its our property. We do ask that you
be home upon completion of the job to ensure 100% satisfaction!

Q: How fast can we be scheduled?

A: We can typically get you on the schedule within a week depending on season.

Q: Are your chemicals environmentally safe?

A: Yes our cleaning chemicals are 100% bio-degradable and safe for the environment.

Q: How do you clean our home?

A: We use a process called soft washing which has become the industry standard. Soft washing is a low-pressure
high-water volume cleaning. This method allows us to kill all the organic matter plaguing your home without
damaging your siding with high pressure.

Q: Do I need to move anything?

A: Yes we prefer objects are pulled away from the house granting us access to the entirety of your homes exterior
surface. We will also need any vehicle or stationary objects removed from the driveway before surface

Q: do you offer satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes we do! If there is anything you are not happy about we will come back out and fix it! We want to exceed
all expectations of our customers and build a lasting relationship.

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